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Cane da Tartufo

No expert will ever reveal the location of the truffle grounds or how to train his magnificent “hunting” companions.

Anyone who, between mid-September and the end of December, ventures at night or in the early, cold and foggy hours of the morning in the woods of the Crete Senesi, should have no difficulty encountering mysterious characters with a wary attitude. Followed by two or three dogs and provided only with a flashlight and a strange wooden and metal tool, in a short time you would lose their traces, even though they would leave behind an unmistakable scent.
This brave tourist would have met a truffle hunter.

It is in fact in the cool and humid places such as the valley floors, the edges of the ditches and streams of this area that grows the white truffle of the Crete Senesi, one of the most valuable varieties of this tuberacea, given the shape and resemblance to the typical vegetables underground.

The truffle is not, in fact, a tuber, nor therefore a vegetable, but nothing more than the reproductive system of an underground fungus with immense nutritional value because it is rich in proteins, mineral salts and fibers.

We can however tell you the extraction process, that is no secret.
The dog, urged in a low voice by the owner and aided by the remarkable sense of smell, identifies the truffle, thanks to the smell it emanates when fully ripe.
Once the animal has started digging and biting the ground, the owner will intervene with the aid of the spade, recovering the treasure like a surgeon, without damaging the surrounding vegetation and in particular the mycelium.

We think it is superfluous to list the gastronomic virtues of the truffle, just remember that it has some qualities of flavor that make it an excellent condiment, a catalyst of taste that make it suitable to complete, finely sliced, various viands, or to be the protagonist of dishes of high culinary tradition.

While we would like to point out that every year in San Giovanni d’Asso, the Crete Senesi White Truffle Market Exhibition is held in mid-November where, inside the magnificent castle, you can buy and taste this precious mushroom.


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