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Etna innevato

A unique mountain arises on Sicily, a cult object for its inhabitant since Magna Grecia’s ancient times till now.
It’s the Etna, Europe’s tallest volcano, that is not only morphologically special, but it’s a majestic place under the bioethical and legendary point of view.

As it happens for many of Magna Grecia’s cities also the history of Mount Etna is characterised by many legends.
The most important one is connected to Hephaestus, known by the Romans as Vulcano, the god’s goldsmith that once expelled from the Olympus, precipitated in Sicily, creating an enormous hole, so big to become a mount always seismically active, with continuous eruption explained by the god’s presence and frantic activity.

Etna, UNESCO World’s Heritage Site since 2013, is a special not only for its stories and altitude, but for the multitude of diverse fun changes it offers on its perimeter.
Easily accessible by car, Rifugio Sapienza (Wisdom’s shelter) is the perfect starting point for all kinds of excursions: adventurers can go mountain biking or paragliding, families can travel on a donkey’s back, nature lovers enjoy nature’s beauties like the butterfly park, as well as wine lovers follow the wine pattern.

In any case, all territory presents path that are accessible both during the summer and the winter, and for this reason we remind to dress warmly in any season you are exploring it.
Its peak is above 3300 m on sea level, some sites are perpetually snowcapped, like the Grotta del Gelo (the Ice Cave), and that all main craters are beyond 2000 meters.

We would like to remind you about beautiful surrounding cities at all heights like Zafferana Etnea, Linguaglossa and Randazzo, where Pasticceria Santo Musumeci is considered one of the most acclaimed gelateria in Italy.

Now you only have to consult the website https://www.visitsicily.info/etna/ to explore the different suggestion you might have felt while reading about Sicily’s giant, a symbol of the whole region.

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