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We often forget that Sardinia is not just coast and coastline, but a place where the hinterland hides amazing villages.
More or less at the same distance between Cagliari and Olbia, one of these hidden gems is born to be discovered.
This is Orgosolo, a town of about 4500 inhabitants which is located in the center of Sardinia (Nuoro) and is part of the so-called Barbagia di Ollolai at an altitude of about 620 meters above sea level.

What many define a town-museum, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not only the home of Canto a Tenore, an a cappella style known in Italy thanks to Cristian "Ajò" Cocco in Striscia La Notizia, but it is above all famous for its "rupestrian paintings".

The walls of the town are in fact covered with murals that adorn the streets and squares, houses of the old town and the facades of new buildings.
They tell of politics and culture, intimate dissent and popular struggles, malaise and social justice, daily life and pastoral traditions, but also feuds and banditry, a phenomenon typical of the past centuries, often sung in the fiction and lyrics of this splendid region.

If the approximately 150 drawings were not enough, you can still take the whole day to enjoy the landscapes of the Supramonte, there is something for everyone.
You will find deep gorges, such as the Su Suercone sinkhole, a chasm 400 meters in diameter and over 200 meters deep, but also caves and limestone heels such as the Novo San Giovanni and Fumai mountains.
Among the natural monuments, the Gorroppu canyon, 22 kilometers, can be traveled over for a long stretch, with walls 450 meters high: it is one of the deepest in Europe.
There you can observe birds of all kinds and if you are interested in archeology it is a moment to reach other mystical places such as domus de Janas, Tombs of Giants and the nuraghi Su Calavriche and Mereu.

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