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Who would have thought that a traditional, juicy and fresh product could also be an example of digital innovation?
2020 was a year that everyone will remember, but for many it was also a year of growth and evolution.
This is also the case of the Pachino tomato, one of the great culinary symbols of Sicily.
This variety of tomato so red, sweet and with a shape similar to a cherry is grown between the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa and is named after the town of Pachino (SR), where these typical cluster plants teem with uncontaminated.

The name Pachino itself could have two matrices, the Phoenician pachum which means “guard” or the Greek pachys “abundant, fertile”.
In both cases Pachino is the right topos to indicate the two qualities of this fruit, so full of properties and vitamins, but also a real guardian of the Sicilian economy.

The Pachino PGI tomato is in fact from this year an example of modernity and technological pride, too. The entire production chain is controlled through the innovative blockchain method.
The consumer will thus be able to trace even the field of the farmer who planted that same seed in the soil, protecting both the environment and ethical values.
There are now numerous varieties of Pachino, in all shapes and sauces, so we advise you to be enlightened in its choice by local merchant or to taste it by the sea on the beaches of Marzamemi.

In any case, if you want to know more about this magnificent vegetable and its uses in the kitchen, we advise you to land on the Pachino tomato IGP blog, while if you want to know more about the magnificent lands in which it is grown, here is the link on Pachino and anything you can do nearby after having enjoyed a nice plate of spaghetti allo scoglio, dressed in red.

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