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To describe the Italic beauties, once again it is the Greek myth that comes to our aid.
Everyone knows the name of Ulysses, the most astute and polyvalent of the Greek heroes, but not everyone remembers the thousand ups and downs he had to face to return to his beloved Ithaca, once the Trojan war was over.

As already mentioned, citing the Island of the Cyclops in front of Acitrezza, we know that Ulysses also passed through Italy during the years spent at sea, but of all Scylla and Charybdis it was one of the most memorable adventures.

If Charybdis was the monster representing the lower part of the Strait of Messina, the story of Scilla, the Calabrian tip of the strait, is waiting to be discovered.
Scilla was in fact a splendid nymph, daughter of Forco and Crataide, who made Glauco, son of Poseidon, fall in love.
Jealous because uncorresponded by Glauco, sorceress Circe decided to transform the splendid girl into a fearsome six-headed monster.
When Ulysses has to choose where to cross the Strait rather than Charybdis capable of destroying the ship in a thousand pieces, he reluctantly sacrifices six companions eaten one each by Scylla's heads.

Over the centuries, however, Scilla, in the province of Reggio Calabria, has finally returned to shine, becoming one of the most fascinating seaside villages in Italy.
From the narrow streets in the middle of the sea in the Chianalea district, to the Castello dei Ruffo located on the rock of Scilla, which rises above the sea, the town is waiting to be discovered.

In addition to the legendary landscape and the view that opens up to the Aeolian Islands on clear days, this seaside village collects among the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Viola, named after the color tone that the sea reflects during the hours close to twilight.
If we recommend families a trip to the Spiaggia delle Sirene or the well-equipped Marina Grande, for the more adventurous we suggest a visit to the unspoiled Cala delle Rondini or Punta Pacì, ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts.

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