Transporting children

If you are travelling with a baby stroller, you can take it on board only if it is folded in accordance with the dimensions provided for hand luggage, or you can leave it to the ground personnel under the aircraft and we will put it in the hold for free, returning it immediately after landing.


Cabin baggage

You can take a small 9 kg bag (per person) in the cabin with you, to be placed under the seat.

The service is included in the base price

Extra baggage to check in

Buy the option to have an extra 15, 20, 25 or 30 kg baggage to check in. Purchase at the airport carries an extra charge.


Bulky luggage

If you are travelling with special luggage or luggage of special dimensions, please consult the dedicated section.


Sporting and musical equipment

Do you travel with your sports and/or music equipment? Depending on the type, you can take them into the cabin, put them on the seat next to yours or put them in the hold.