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Stroller transport

Find out what sizes your stroller needs to fit in the cabin and what happens when it is carried in the hold.


Transporting children

If you are travelling with a baby stroller, you can take it on board only if it is folded in accordance with the dimensions provided for hand luggage, or you can leave it to the ground personnel under the aircraft and we will put it in the hold for free, returning it immediately after landing.


Unaccompained minors

For unaccompanied minors we have qualified flight attendants who will take care of them throughout the flight, entrusting them to the designated person once they have landed.

Future mamme e bambini

Future mothers

If you are pregnant we will be happy to welcome you on board, but make sure in advance that your condition allows you to fly safely.

Future mamme e bambini

Children on board

All families are welcome on our flights. Find out all the information you need to travel with children on board our planes.