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Pane di Altamura

We are often used to imagining Puglia as a land of sea as it actually is, but forgetting the iconic landscapes of the flat and gritty hinterland.
It is right in the center of the Murgia Plateau, in this immense expanse that rises the village of Altamura, in the province of Bari.

Altamura, the lioness of Puglia, is a town to be discovered, given its rural and combative history, its PGI lentils and also the discovery in 1993 of a Neanderthal skeleton dated between 128 and 187 thousand years ago and renamed precisely Man from Altamura.
However, if there is an object that is a symbol of the city and of the whole Alta Murgia, that product is bread, a DOP brand since 2006, the first in its category.

Even the Latin cantor Horace in its Satire I, described this bread,  obtained through the mixture of four simple ingredients (durum wheat, water, salt and mother yeast), as the best in the world.

Despite the simplicity of the recipe, the peculiarity of this food is the unanimous process of its preparation.
Typically kneaded according to the u sckuanète shape by housewives within the home, the dough was then transported to the large ovens of city bakers where it was first marked to be distinguished and then baked and redistributed.

The strength of this popular bread lays in its great external crunchiness and internal softness and the ability to keep these characteristics intact for several days, so that it could be consumed even in the case of great pastoral transhumances and exhausting hours spent in the fields and below the scorching sun of the South.

The consortium website, available only in italian unfortunately, suggests recipes and restaurants in which to try it in a rustic or a more modern way, for food lovers wanting to reach the Apulian hinterland.

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