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Isola delle Correnti

In the most southern part of Italy, where the Ionian Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea, depending on the tides, a stone tongue rises up, connecting Sicily with a beautiful little island.
This wild and unspoilt place is located near Portopalo di Capo Passaro, and our tip, if you want to visit the area, is to bring suitable shoes because the Ionian side of the beach is rocky.
If you want to visit the "Isola delle Correnti", located in front of the statue of Christ, you will inevitably get wet, although the path is easily practicable as the maximum depth is about 1.30 metres.
The island is not rich in any vegetation and has remained unpopulated, partly because it has been protected by environmental restrictions since 1987: there are only abandoned military residences and an impressive lighthouse, still in operation.

It has become a favourite destination for surfing and windsurfing enthusiasts: the foaming waves are perfect for anyone who wants to have fun surfing in Sicily!
This could be the right opportunity to start surfing, or at least enjoy the more experienced surfers, who always have a certain charm.

And then, try to dive into the beautiful blue sea of this coast, admiring with your own eyes the richness of the seabed!

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