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If there is a seaside resort in Puglia literally in vogue in the last ten years, it is Polignano a Mare.

The correct word to describe the emotions that Polignano arouses on the visitors who populate it especially during the summer season is hype.
How close can such a clean and unspoiled village be to the glamour of VIPs and big brands? How can two souls so distant from each other coexist so well?

Polignano a mare, in addition to having given birth to a star of the Italian spirit such as Domenico Modugno and been the adoptive town in Checco Zalone's recent masterpiece Cado dalle Nubi, is considered the pearl of the Adriatic and in many, not just the big film companies, are noticing it.

In particular, since 2008 Polignano has been a fixed stage of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, in which male and female athletes dive respectively from 27 and 21 meters high into the sea.
Polignano offers, in fact, a breathtaking setting for this event: rising on a promontory, the town is embellished with poetic writings on the walls and on the countless white steps that lead up to the splendid houses built into the rock.
From there the village literally falls over the sea: the perfect place to shoot adv of super athletes who dive directly from the local balconies into a crystalline bay.

But Polignano did not go to the limelight only for the presence of external players, but also for the ability of some young entrepreneurs to create a brand like Pescaria, the innovative fresh fish restaurant now present in all major Italian cities, but founded in this Apulian municipality: a business model to be considered an example of local success that can be exported throughout the Italian territory and who knows, if soon, beyond.

If you too want to dive into the beach of Cala Porto di Polignano a mare, dive into our sea of ​​offers to get to Puglia.

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