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Bronzi di Riace

The great beauties of Italy are not always easy to find and often hide in remote areas or submerged landscapes.

If, to date, the existence of Atlantis, the magnificent city ruled by the god of the oceans Poseidon, is left to the legends of ancient Greece, since 1972 we can say that there have been men who have populated the bottom of the sea for several centuries in some way.

They are not animated human beings but two leathery stems almost two meters high (1.98m and 1.97m), with a dull complexion and bronze skin, which have been lying on the seabed at a depth of more than 8 meters since the 5th century BC until a few decades ago.

The underwater photographer Stefano Mariottini was in fact dazzled by the nebulous image of an arm emerging from the sand of the seabed, as if he was asking for help, 200 meters from the Riace coast.
After calling for reinforcements, the two statues, two hoplite warriors, were brought back to the surface. They were then restored and from there engulfed by theories and suggestions that have done nothing but feed the myth.

In fact, there are many hypotheses concerning them: on belonging to a collection that can be compared to the tale of the Seven of Thebes or how they were thrown into the Ionian Sea to lighten a boat in the throes of a storm. But even on the actual dating and the area of ​​origin, debates are still open.

To find out more, we recommend that you visit the place where the two bronzes are preserved and pampered, as a great symbol of an entire region: the Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria, to discover many other jewels that are truly the archetype of Mediterranean beauty.

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