When a guest enters a home, the host's first duty is to make him feel at ease, ensuring safety, hygiene and comfort.

When you board an EGO Airways plane, our goal is to make you feel like you are in your living room or, if you prefer, your best friend's: ready to relax and abandon all stress and bad thoughts.

The advent of a silent and invisible enemy has meant that our concern has increased even more, so we decided to list here what are our guarantees for you: our guests.

First of all, here are a few of tips to make the journey even safer and more enjoyable for everyone.



Here are the news relating to the Green Pass from Viaggiare Sicuri:

From 1 September, 2021 (DECRETO-LEGGE 6 agosto 2021, n. 111, art. 2) you will need a Green Pass, or an equivalent certificate, to board:

  1. airplanes;
  2. interregional ships and ferries (except for the Straits of Messina ferry services);
  3. Intercity and High Speed trains;
  4. long-distance buses;
  5. charter buses.

A Green Pass, for the use in the national territory, shall is issued to all persons who have received at least one dose of vaccine or who have received a negative (molecular or antigen) swab test within the previous 48 hours or who have recovered from COVID-19 in the previous six months. Please note that a certificate certifying the first inoculation of a two-doses vaccine (second dose pending) is not enough to enter Italy from abroad. For more information on conditions needed to enter Italy, click here.

Find more info on the Green Pass

For all the information regarding the COVID emergency and the usage of the Green Pass we recommend Viaggiare Sicuri or the Minister of Foreign Affairs website.

We also remind you that starting from May 24th, passengers entering Italy from ABROAD must complete and download the DIGITAL PASSENGER LOCATOR FORM, called dPLF.

For info connect to the following website of the Ministry of Health, or click in the Direct link for compilation.

Here are a couple of tips to make the journey even safer and more enjoyable for everyone.
Check-in Online

Take advantage of online check-in option

You will thus obtain your boarding pass online, through a fast and secure method, and you will be able to access the other EGO services with simple clicks


Gear yourself with masks and hand sanitizer
We recommend the use of surgical masks or any other mask with a higher level of protection, such as FFP2  or FFP3 without valve masks


Do not go to the airport if you have a fever and other symptoms

Passengers with fever or flu symptoms cannot access the airport terminal





On board our aircraft, at the end of the working day, a disinfection and sanitation process is carried out. 




Our Embraer 190 aircrafts are equipped with the latest and most effective ventilation systems: HEPA filters.
These special filters purify the inside of the cabin, mixing fresh air from the outside.
In this way they guarantee a total air change every 3 minutes, eliminating bacteria, viruses and other particles with an efficiency of over 99%.



All our ground and on-board personnel have attended refresher courses on the new sanitation procedures and safety standards required, taking into account the latest events, but also the regulations in force previously.


corsi formazione

Info and forms

We remind you that it is a legal obligation to fill in the self-certification before boarding stating that you have not had contact with people with Covid-19 disease.
You can always download the paper form and show up at the airport with the self-certification already completed in each field, for each passenger and for each route.

In the same case, when returning from a foreign country, in addition to the Covid-19 self-certification (return form), a second form is required, in double paper copy, to be delivered to our staff at the time of departure and one, upon request, to the Police Status upon arrival in Italy.

We remind you that all passengers should inform themselves about the Covid regulations envisaged at the destination of their choice.

Download here the forms: