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EGO Airways, together with Pasta Ligorio and AlimentAmare, offers you the best of Puglia. Leave for Puglia aboard EGO Airways’ flights to discover magnificent places and outstanding flavors.

During your flight to Bari, Pasta Ligorio and AlimentAmare - the two Brindisi companies that have collaborated with us - will pay homage* to you with two amazing tastings.


In June 1979, Mr. Pietro Ligorio together with his wife Giovanna De Carlo, taking advantage of the many years of experience as a chef gained in the various regions of Italy, founded the Pastificio 'Al Mattarello’. Over the years, entered in their company their sons Vito and Luciano, too.

Pasta has always been considered fundamental for healthy Mediterranean nutrition, and for this reason the company was founded with healthy principles of realising its products following a careful choice of flours and raw materials, obtained from the best products of our lands. It also guarantees its consumers the maximum authenticity and the best quality obtainable, and this in order not to lose what have always been the old flavors and the ancient tradition of Mediterranean cuisine.

With perfect harmony of homemade tradition, craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the Ligorio family's pasta factory produces over 200 specialties in its factories, reaching a production capacity of about 90 quintals per day. Today the company produces for the sector and for commercial distribution.

orecchiette ligorio


Discover “orecchiette” and all pasta shapes on www.pastaligorio.com with the code EGOAIRWAYS2021 and enjoy a 10% discount on your purchases.

At Parma airport you will be honored with “orecchiette”, and we advise you to cook them according to the famous recipe Orecchiette with turnip tops.

Show us your recipes and share them on social medias by tagging @egoairways!


“Friselline” are a traditional Apulian product, but they are widespread throughout Italy.

Friselline are the smaller version of the traditional “Frize” and are mainly developed in the Brindisi province. It is a mixture of soft wheat and olive oil cooked in the oven for the first time, divided in half horizontally and still cooked over low heat. This last phase gives the frisellina a hard but fragrant texture. On the one hand it is more porous and therefore predisposed to accommodate the sauce, on the other it is smooth.

Friselline with tomato, oil and oregano are the most classic version according to the Apulian tradition, but numerous variations are possible. Unlike its older sister, it does not go wet and thanks to its fragrance it is a versatile food that adapts easily to any palate.

AlimentAmare friselline are produced in 9 varieties: olive oil, wholemeal, cereals, potatoes and rosemary, fennel, hot pepper, turmeric, pizzaiola and black “Celline” olives.



Taste the AlimentAmare friselline on board and try them in the variations: classic, country, burrata and sweet. If you take them home, try the recipes recommended directly by the producers. You can find the recipes on Instagram.

Fly to Puglia with EGO Airways starting from 48.90 to discover unforgettable places and magnificent flavors.

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