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On 29 July 2019 EGO Airways, an authentic Italian company, was founded with the aim of starting and completing the process to become an airline company.
It was funded by a group of experts with many years of experience in the aeronautical field, able to build on its strengths and face the critical issues in the best possible manner. 
This idea originates from afar, it is a project and a dream, achieved over many years.
In the philosophy of EGO Airways the passenger is at the centre of everything, starting from the name of the company, chosen to identify and understand the personality, the Inner Self, of each passenger. The goal is, therefore, the valorisation of EGO, as a distinctive character of each of the guests.
Cuddling, in the warmth in which everyone feels it, is considered to be associated with a childhood memory, even though the deep desire to feel cared for is in everyone, at any age. As the need for cuddling grows, it becomes a desire for closeness and connection with others, with a focus on attention and mutual care. 
EGO Airways takes care of its guests, giving them the centre of a flying experience in which they feel cared for, cuddled, pampered and special. It aims to create a unique, warm and full immersive experience, where every passenger can feel welcomed in each of the flight classes. 
Starting from the fact that each of us is unique and different from the other, EGO Airways has designed a wide range of different products to offer during the flight, to meet everyone's needs. 
However, the characteristic that identifies and links all the products is definitely Italianity, one of the red lines on which the whole project is based. 
On EGO Airways aircraft, in fact, thanks to the professionalism and training of the flight attendants, passengers will be able to live experiences linked to the local area with characteristics of the place of arrival or departure. 
The mission is to give a few hours of rest in a charming atmosphere with the memory of a multi-sensory experience that is unique in its kind, but fortunately repeatable.

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