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Have you ever wondered what's the story about your name?The name is that incredible and intangible gift following through each one of us throughout the journey of life.It is with us from the day we are given birth, in order to be remembered forever.The name is a matter of fact the self-awareness of that part of us that is spirit, that distinguish us as unique individual, but brings us as well the joy to be potentially called by others and become part of a community.

It’s the transposition of the I, of that identifying image of the self firstly hypothesize by Sigmund Freud: the EGO.It is for this reason that our airline has decided to assign a name to all our aircrafts, so that they are not inanimate objects, made out of iron and steel, anymore, but to give them a soul.We believe that each one of our flying vehicles is unique, having its own personality and so that he or she needs an identifying name following through his story.Out of this consideration, our first born was Martina, from the latin genitive of Mars, Martis,  that you can translate as “Mars’/of Mars.”Martina is a battling name, of someone that does not ever give up despite the adversities of the period she was born at, fearless of the challenging she is going to face during her adventures.And your name? Have you ever asked your parents why have you been called this way?In case you know it and you believe it is a story to tell, please let us know.Who knows if the next plane could not be named after you...

Give a name to your EGO! #EGOname