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How to apply for airworthiness

How to apply for airworthiness

How to apply for airworthiness

If you need special services (e.g. ambulance on arrival) please fill in the IATA MEDIF A Form "Information for customers requiring special assistance".

After completing the form, please enter your or your delegate signature.


In case your medical condition meets one or more of the following cases (ref. IATA resolution 700):

  • contagious disease
  • illness or disability that may result in behaviour or physical conditions having an negative effect on other passengers or the crew
  • could create flight safety risks including route changes and unscheduled landings
  • needs medical assistance and/or special medical equipment during the flight
  • may worsen your medical condition during or due to the flight

Ask your medical doctor to fill in the MEDIF Form B parts one and two "Information for customers requiring special assistance" from IATA.

Send the MEDIF to the Call Center during the booking so that it can be submitted to the EGO Airways medical service at least 72 hours before departure (Saturdays and public holidays excluded).

For customers holding a FREMEC (Frequent Traveller Medical Card), EGO Airways accepts the submission of the card as a medical authorisation to travel within the limits of the permanent pathology indicated and within the terms of validity of the card itself. For medical authorisation of other services/pathologies not indicated on the FREMEC card, a request must be made to the Company using a MEDIF form and an A form.


You got a cast on your limb?

Travel by plane is not recommended unless at least 48 hours have passed since the cast. You may be asked at check-in to submit a medical document (e.g. first aid card or doctor's certificate) as proof of the plastering date.

Are you pregnant and you want to travel?

Are you pregnant and you want to travel?

Generally travel during pregnancy is safe, even in the first months it is preferable not to exceed with frequent trips. Please remember that during pregnancy it is preferable not to lift weights, therefore pay attention to your luggage, Cabin Attendants will be happy to assist you.

Plan your trip carefully and avoid any stress. EGO Airways accepts passengers with single pregnancy up to 34 weeks. For twin pregnancy the time is reduced to 28 weeks.

In case of a single pregnancy, from the 28th to the 34th week, a medical airworthiness certificate is always required, stating the following information:

  • If the pregnancy had a normal course
  • The expected date of childbirth
  • If the woman is in good health and can fly
  • That he doesn't know any reason why she shouldn't fly

Download the form here.

It is always advisable to consult your doctor before travelling during pregnancy. In certain situations and without a valid medical certificate, EGO Airways reserves the right not to accept your flight request.

Oversize passengers

Oversize passengers

seat width

The standard dimensions of our seats in the JUST GO class are 46 cm. If you fall into this category, we suggest you call the Call Center, so EGO Airways will try to leave the seat next to yours free.

But to ensure greater comfort during your trip, you can purchase an additional seat at the cost of the fare only (without airport taxes) at the moment of your booking: this purchase is available through the Call Center only.

Please note that according to the regulations in force for oversize passengers, it is not possible to occupy a seat at emergency exits, in particular at wing exits.

Diabetic passengers

Diabetic passengers

If you suffer from diabetes you do not need any air travel clearance, provided you have not been hospitalized in the 30 days prior to your flight. In this case, you need the Medical Information Form (MEDIF), filled in by your doctor and sent during the booking process together with Form A - Information for customers requiring special assistance signed by you.

Please note that you can carry insulin, with the necessary delivery devices, in your hand luggage so that it is easily accessible during the flight. You will have to show your PERSONAL DIABETIC CARD or the certificate of your treating doctor at check-in and security checks, certifying the medical condition. You can carry enough insulin in the cabin for the entire journey (outward flight, stay and return flight).

PLEASE NOTE: There are no refrigerated compartments on board EGO Airways aircraft, so we recommend that you bring your own personal portable device (cold bag).

At security checks at the airport it will be sufficient to show the original certificate of the treating doctor, with date not earlier than 30 days.

Medicines and medical devices

Medicines and medical devices

Discover the other special assistance services:

  • Transport of medicines to be taken in liquid form or syringes on board, permitted for personal use, in sufficient quantities for the entire duration of the trip (outward flight, stay, return flight). At security checks at the airport you must present a medical certificate, not older than 30 days, stating the need, quantity and method of taking and administering the medicine.

Notify the cabin crew in case you used needles during the flight. You will be provided with a specific container for disposal.

Do not attach intravenous devices to the hatbox: they may interfere with the emergency oxygen mask system.

Portable medical devices are considered to be all small, battery-powered, battery-powered electrical/electronic equipment used for the medical diagnosis, treatment and health check of passengers.

PLEASE NOTE: No refrigerated compartments are available on EGO Airways aircraft, so we recommend that you have your own personal portable device (cooler bag).

In order to transport these devices, you must obtain prior authorization from EGO Airways through the Call Center or by sending an email to