Rules of conduct

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Rules of conduct

Please read the following information carefully to ensure your safety and that of those travelling with you.


Here are the non-compliant and unacceptable behaviour in terms of safety both in flight and during ground operations (pre-boarding and boarding).


At check-in and during boarding:

Any form of insulting or aggressive behaviour towards airport ground staff and other passengers is prohibited. Personnel shall report such conduct to the Airport and Police Authorities for appropriate action.

It is forbidden to check luggage on behalf of third parties (outsiders) and to take possession of objects, envelopes, suitcases and bags from other passengers.


On board:

Any behaviour that violates safety regulations on board will be severely punished. At destination, the passenger will be handed over to the Local Authorities for action.



Smoking is strictly forbidden on board. Smoking in toilets and other defined areas is a criminal offence. The prohibition is also extended to the extended to the electronic cigarettes.


Alcohol and drugs

Passengers under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not allowed to board. Personal drinking and serving of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden except for those distributed by the crew.


Emergency equipment

It is forbidden to damage and remove emergency equipment such as life jackets or seat belts in any way. Such behaviour constitutes a criminal offence.


Passenger cabin

Damage to any system/part of the cabin will be criminally punished.


Hazardous materials and objects

It is prohibited to bring on board prohibited materials, hazardous substances or articles, as listed on the information on the EGO Airways website and notices displayed in airport check-in areas.