Security Communications

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Motor vehicles for personal use

For safety reasons, motorised vehicles for personal use such as hoverboards, mini Segways and two-wheeled boards with intelligent or automatic balancing are not allowed on board. The transport of such vehicles, with or without batteries, in the hold or as hand luggage is always prohibited.


New EU Regulation 2017/458

On 7 April 2017, Regulation (EU) 2017/458 came into force, following which citizens of EU countries, Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland, coming from or going to non-Schengen countries, will be subject to systematic checks on their identity, citizenship and authenticity of documents. These checks may result in longer waiting times. We invite you to lend your valuable cooperation.


Galaxy Notes

If you are travelling with the first series of the Galaxy Note 7 we ask you NOT to put it in your checked baggage and keep it switched off on board for the entire duration of the flight. It is forbidden to connect it to external power sources to recharge the battery.
More information about the Galaxy Note 7 device is available on the manufacturer's website.
By order of the local authorities, boarding of the Galaxy Note 7 is prohibited on departure from Mexico.