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Travelling in a wheelchair

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Travelling in a wheelchair

Travelling in a wheelchair

If you are travelling with a wheelchair, electric or folding chair, or any other walking aid, always inform EGO Airways at the time of booking (by selecting the specific service in the form during online booking or by calling the Call Center). You can transport up to two mobility aids (e.g. a wheelchair and a walker) free of charge.


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If you wish to travel with a personal wheelchair, please request it at the time of booking: the personal wheelchair is delivered at check-in, labelled and boarded in the hold. Transport is free of charge. The personal wheelchair must be fully foldable and not powered by liquid battery. The maximum transportable dimensions are 120 cm x 101 cm x 71 cm, the maximum weight is 80 Kg. If the wheelchair runs on battery power, you will need to ask for a transport authorization at the time of booking or within 48 hours of departure.


Transport conditions vary depending on the type of battery. When booking, please make sure you have the mobility aid/wheelchair data sheet handy.


We offer free assistance on request from check-in to the aircraft stairs, to climb the aircraft stairs and even up to the cabin seat. In this case the wheelchair will be provided by the airport.


We do our utmost to ensure that mobility aids are transported safely, but some factors may sometimes prevent them from being transported. For full details, click here. Download the Powered Mobility Aid information form, hand it over to the person in charge or attach it to your aid: you will allow us to transport it correctly.


At many airports the wheelchair is picked up at check-in, labelled and transported in the hold. To allow us to guarantee you the best assistance, we recommend that you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before your flight departure. If your wheelchair is placed in the hold, we will endeavour to return it to you as close to the aircraft door as possible or alternatively we will provide a wheelchair upon arrival to accompany you to the baggage claim area.

Travelling with a companion

Travelling with a companion

The companion is a person who accompanies a  passenger with reduced mobility.  The escort service cannot be performed by:

  • Teenagers (under 16)
  • People with physical or intellectual disabilities
  • People who are too weak or fragile

Escorts are divided into two categories: security assistants and personal assistants.

EGO Airways applies a reduced fare for accompanying passengers who for medical and certified reasons cannot travel alone. The request must be made through Call Center before the ticket is issued.

Blind or visually impaired passengers

Blind or visually impaired passengers

On EGO Airways flights, passengers with visual impairments will receive the due support from flight attendants. It is recommended that you report your status on board in order to receive the proper assistance. In addition, all Safety Briefing Cards also detail safety information in Braille.




Guide or assistance dogs

Guide or assistance dogs

If you need to travel with a guide or assistance dog you can let us know at the time of booking. We suggest you use the dog harness and bring a muzzle with you, if necessary and at the captain's request, for safety reasons.


The transport of a guide or assistance dog is free of charge and is not subject to weight limits.


As some countries have special regulations regarding animal access, we recommend that you read the regulations before you leave.