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How and when can I check in?

How and when can I check in?

When to check in at the airport?

Chiusura desk


Arrive at the airport early enough to complete all the relevant procedures

no hurry. For short- and medium-haul flights, you can check in from 2 hours before departure: the desk closes 35 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 45 minutes for European and non-Schengen flights.





How do I check in online?

You can check in online in three easy steps:

  • Enter your booking details, selecting the flight and the passengers travelling with you.
  • Choose additional services and your seat on board
  • Choose how you want to receive your boarding pass


If you have baggage to check in, jump the queue and deliver it at the airport directly to the dedicated Drop-off counters , if any, or to the Business Class counters.

In the case of unaccompanied minors or persons requiring special assistance, it is preferable to check in at the airport.



When does the online check-in open?

Check-in online 24h




Online check-in is available free of charge from 24 hours before departure. If you prefer to check in earlier, you can buy it together with your ticket.






When does the online check-in close?

Check-in online chiusura




You can check in, reprint your card, change your seat, buy extra luggage and other additional services up to 2 and a half hours before departure. Except for meals and EGO Boxes, which must be purchased 24 hours before departure.







Who can't check in online?

Online Check-in, from web and mobile app, is available for all passengers travelling on flights operated by EGO Airways except:

  • Minors (up to and including 14 years of age) travelling alone*.
  • Passengers in need of special assistance**
  • Passengers with group booking (more than 9 people)
  • Passengers travelling with special luggage (sports, animals, music)
  • Passengers travelling on flights not operated by the EGO Airways group


I have luggage to check in. Can I check in online?

Of course, you can check in online even if you have baggage to check in.

Make online check-in and then quickly leave your baggage to be checked in at the dedicated Drop-off counters at major airports; at other airports you can deliver your baggage to the Business Class counters.


If you want to transport more baggage than the permitted allowance, please purchase your excess baggage directly during online check-in.

What do you need for Check-in?

What do you need for Check-in?

Present yourself at the check-in registration desk with a valid identity document for the destination of arrival, with any documents required by the customs and immigration authorities of the destination country.


To visit the Schengen countries, all you need to do is show a valid identity card that is valid for expatriation. WARNING: In case of double nationality it is necessary to submit the Italian passport to the Police checks. This procedure is valid only for expatriation, at the foreign airport it is possible to present the relevant passport.


To visit non-Schengen countries you must present your valid passport. The driving licence alone is not valid for expatriation purposes. Before leaving, check whether or not the country to which you are heading requires an entry visa.


Be carefully informed about the documents necessary for your trip, which may vary over time and according to the type of traveler. The lack or irregularity of even just one of the above requirements entitles the carrier to deny boarding to the passenger, without the latter being able to legitimise any claim for compensation for damages and/or costs incurred.


WARNING: Documents must be submitted undamaged and in their original format. Documents that have been damaged, cut out or fixed with adhesive tape of any kind will not be accepted as they are not considered legally valid.

Check-In Presentation

Check-In Presentation

Chiusura desk



Arrive at the airport early enough to complete all the relevant procedures

no hurry. For short- and medium-haul flights, you can check in from 2 hours before departure: the desk closes 35 minutes before departure for domestic flights and 45 minutes for European and non-Schengen flights.







WARNING: the boarding gate closes 15 minutes before the flight departure time. In case of delay, you lose all boarding rights.



Security controls

Departing passengers are subjected to a security check before entering the boarding area.


EGO Airways recommends that you present yourself at these checks as soon as you have checked in, in order to avoid delays. We ask you to cooperate with the airport staff and put the following items in the appropriate tray: lighters, belts, mobile phones, credit cards, coin purses/wallets, keys, watches, bracelets, rings, jackets with zippers and buttons.


The Metal Detector may report the presence of metal parts: in this case you may be required to repeat the check or open your hand baggage to proceed with a hand search.


Passengers wearing pacemakers or metal prostheses, in case they prefer not to go through the Metal Detector, and have a medical certificate of disability with them, can alert the carrier and airport security staff. In this case, passengers will be manually checked in a dedicated lane.



Rules of conduct

Please read the following information carefully to ensure your safety and that of those travelling with you.


Here are the non-compliant and unacceptable behaviour in terms of safety both in flight and during ground operations (pre-boarding and boarding).


At check-in and during boarding:

Any form of insulting or aggressive behaviour towards airport ground staff and other passengers is prohibited. Personnel shall report such conduct to the Airport and Police Authorities for appropriate action.

It is forbidden to check luggage on behalf of third parties (outsiders) and to take possession of objects, envelopes, suitcases and bags from other passengers.


On board:

Any behaviour that violates safety regulations on board will be severely punished. At destination, the passenger will be handed over to the Local Authorities for action.



Smoking is strictly forbidden on board. Smoking in toilets and other defined areas is a criminal offence. The prohibition is also extended to the extended to the electronic cigarettes.


Alcohol and drugs

Passengers under the influence of alcohol and drugs are not allowed to board. Personal drinking and serving of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden except for those distributed by the crew.


Emergency equipment

It is forbidden to damage and remove emergency equipment such as life jackets or seat belts in any way. Such behaviour constitutes a criminal offence.


Passenger cabin

Damage to any system/part of the cabin will be criminally punished.


Hazardous materials and objects

It is prohibited to bring on board prohibited materials, hazardous substances or articles, as listed on the information on the EGO Airways website and notices displayed in airport check-in areas.